Quattro Passi

The Sorrento Peninsula beauty reflected in our a restaurant: a modern and traditional location at the same time, suspended above the colors of the Nerano bay.

Are you ready to a culinary experience with our local flavors, an excellent raw materials and the research for the aesthetic perfection?

The constant search for cooking style.
In food, location and horizon exaltation.
With the sea in the eyes and our soul in the recipes.
The whispering sky colors & our land flavors.
A culinary experience that leads you to ecstasy.

A taste, a trip and an unforgettable tour planned by the Mellino family. Creative flair, hospitality and elegance.
Welcome to Quattro Passi.



Recipes as the result of over thirty years of experience and research mixed with the desire to excite our clients.
Shape. Essence. Taste.
Tradition. Innovation. Experimentation.

A culinary experience that celebrates the Sorrento Peninsula.
A journey through culture & taste. A food and wine itinerary that starts from Nerano for a complete tour of the world.

in vino veritas

Blood of the earth, nectar of nature.
A cave kept in the stomach of volcanic matter.
Thousands of cellars fine wines resting at our feet.
An experience to discover the myth of Bacchus. Prosit.

Relais "La Veglia"

The sea through the window, a melody on the waves.
Balances and nuances in a room, place of memory, the luxury of a vacation.
Please open the door: welcome to Nerano.

● ● ●


A dinner under the stars, a tour inside the wine cellar.
One night in Nerano, living unforgettable moments on the infinity terrace.
An emotion. A memory. An experience.