ristorante quattro passi


Our story is similar to the story of our land and our heritage. A path with the scent of tradition, research and pure passion. This is how Quattro Passi was born, on the shores of Nerano, a wonderful journey that has continued for years on the reflection of the sea of the Sorrento Peninsula.
A fairy tale that begins with Antonio, the paterfamilias of our kitchen brigade.
A story that continues through the commitment of subsequent generations thanks to Fabrizio's experiments with raw materials and Raffaele's art of hospitality.
Footsteps, flavours, horizons; the past and the present that blend together for a future that tends towards modernity.
Welcome to Quattro Passi. Welcome to our home.



An all-round experience that involves the guest in all five senses.
The scents of the Sorrento Peninsula, the taste of our land, the sea in your eyes.
Sounds, shapes and colors that satisfy the body and excite the spirit.
Because cooking is a matter of feeling: a journey to discover stories.

This is how our menu was born. Exaltation of the raw material, continuous research and desire to experiment.
And to accompany you by the hand along the most intriguing paths of taste.
Make yourselves comfortable: we're not just talking about food here. But something more.


piatti ristorante quattro passi
ristorante quattro passi nerano


All the beauty of a restaurant suspended between the wonders of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi coast and the colours of the Nerano bay.
A culinary experience that blends the flavours of the territory, the skilful processing of the raw materials and the continuous search for aesthetic perfection.
Form, content, imagination: a 360-degree experience.
This is how Quattro Passi was born, the Maison that for years has hosted curious and passionate people with a single objective: to give an unforgettable experience.
From the heart. Of mind. And imaginative. An unforgettable tour planned for you by the Mellino family. Creative flair. Hospitality and elegance.
And nothing will ever be the same again...



Our wine cellar made of volcanic stone, a timeless place that preserves the purity of many fine labels.
Bunches of grapes from our land, wines from distant cultivations, a journey in search of excellence to be undertaken during a food and wine journey.
Fragrances and aromas ready to enhance the flavour of an emotion

cantina quattro passi
relais la veglia nerano


A location that is inspired by and fits harmoniously into the context that surrounds it.
The music of the bay, the melody of nature that resonates in the environment.
The reflection of blue that paints the walls and also fills the heart
The charm of the essential: a perfect balance that combines with the rediscovered harmony between luxury and functionality.
The definitive signature of modern design and timeless class
The elegance that envelops spaces in a dimension where everything stops. Except happiness
Just open the door. Welcome to Nerano. Here is the Relais la Veglia