The Mediterranean

This name comes from the Latin term Mediterraneus
which means “in the middle of the lands”.


These are the magical ingredients
used in our special tasting experience,
twelve historical and contemporary courses
based on a neo-Mediterranean culinary philosophy
that combines experimentation, tradition and aesthetics.

A journey

Through our territory
and its delicious flavours

● ● ●

Flavor card

A sensory experience
made of aromas and perfumes.
Food experimentation:
a moment to taste with the heart

● ● ●


The last soft waltz
before exiting scene,
a soft embrace to preserve
all the goodness of a memory.
The sweetest way to
to end the experience.

● ● ●

Sit at our table to contemplate the infinity

You can reserve a table filling out the online form or contacting us by phone, from 10.30 to 18.30 on weekdays.
You can also send an email containing the day of interest, the number of guests and any food intolerances.

Only after receiving confirmation your reservation will be considered completed.