Quattro Passi
Elegance & Tradition

The scent of the Amalfi Coast,
the taste of the bay of Nerano
and the color of the Sorrento Peninsula.
The balance of a perfect recipe.
The continuous research for perfection,
a meticulous job that requires passion and determination

● ● ●

interior design

Classic & Modern.
Refined & genuine.
Because in the contrasts
it’s possible to find the strongest feelings
and the purest emotions.

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Tradition merging with experimentation.
The taste of a territory
that goes beyond national borders.
Natural ingredients from our garden prepared
with the knowledge of international gastronomy.
In authenticity perfection can be found.

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Sit at our table to contemplate the infinity

You can reserve a table filling out the online form or contacting us by phone, from 10.30 to 18.30 on weekdays.
You can also send an email containing the day of interest, the number of guests and any food intolerances.

Only after receiving confirmation your reservation will be considered completed.